Omya Multifill 
Filler Increase Concept

Roadmap to higher mineral contents in paper & board.

Omya Multifill is a platform of five filler increase concepts that enhance the productivity and profitability in all grades of paper making.

Higher filler loads obtained with Omya Multifill reduce dependence on fiber, improve machine performance, and allow substantial cost savings. 
Our specialists are committed to your success. They will help select and implement the concept that best fits your specific setup and utilizes your existing technical infrastructure.

5 Ways to Increase Filler While Enhancing Productivity and Profitability in Paper Making

The Omya Multifill Concept

Optimizing Paper and Cost Performance

Discover our extensive range of fillers to control optical and physical paper properties.
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Broad Choice for Tailored Surface Properties

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Achieve optimal print results & converting by tailoring opacity, brightness, gloss, or absorption to your needs.


Performance & Cost Optimization for Board

Improve end-product properties and process efficiency by deploying smart filler concepts.
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Satellite Plants for On-Site PCC and GCC Production

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Discover tailor-made precipitated and ground Calcium Carbonate manufacturing close to your production site.


Filler Wet-End Optimization
Benefiting from the process know-how of our technical experts and flexibility of our GCC and PCC installations, calcium carbonate filler loading can be taken to the next level.
Surface Filling
A proven concept to increase filler levels through surface sizing, which keeps dusting low and does not interfere with paper strength. Important for both printing and converting operations.
Strength Enhancement
A novel bio-polymer that boosts paper strength allowing for a substantial increase of filler levels in papers containing ground calcium carbonate (GCC).
PCC Pre-Flocculation
Controlled pre-flocculation of PCC fillers in Omya onsite plants produces stable PCC particle agglomerates that maintain strength and bulk in the paper while also increasing filler levels.
Microfibrillated Cellulose (MFC)
Fiberlean, a composite of micro-fibrillated cellulose (MFC) and mineral fillers enables the highest filler levels while maintaining mechanical properties of paper and board.
FiberLean micro-fibrillated cellulose are pulp fibers that have gone through a fibrillation process where they are co-ground with Calcium Carbonate. The resulting micro-fibrillated fibers feature an increased surface area and higher water retention compared to conventional cellulose fibers. In papermaking, these properties lead to increased paper strength (wet and dry) and a reduced paper porosity. As a result, paper and board grades containing FiberLean MFC have shown a positive impact on paper machine runnability and coating hold out.

The strength enhancing properties of FiberLean MFC can be also used to increase filler levels or reduce substrate weight.

Fiberlean MFC can be tailored to your specific needs and installed as a customized solution on-site at your mill. Find more information 

Enhanced Performance with FiberLean MFC

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